The phenomenon of “cattle mutilation” occurs in the US state of Oklahoma

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(ORDO NEWS) — In this small village on the shores of Lake Ellsworth in northern Comanche, something very disturbing and ominous has happened, as the locals say. Two calves, barely one day old, were badly mutilated in a large pasture west of Edgewater Park.

Cattle owner Cody Zimmerman and his wife were horrified. They didn’t care about the cost of lost calves, which reached $ 2,500. They were worried about how they were killed.

The animals’ heart, tongue, testicles and penis were excised and removed. “Cody Zimmerman told the sheriff that “it looked like the sole of the hooves of one of the animals went through a cheese grater.”

“The ribcage of one calf was carved into a perfect diamond-cut shape, and the heart was missing. Another had testicles removed, but there were no incisions in the testicle bags. I have not seen blood anywhere. It’s just pure evil … “.

Bloodless, traceless animal mutilations have continued without stopping in both hemispheres of the Earth, at least from the 1960s to the present. ” In none of the many such cases were the perpetrators identified. All cases remained unsolved.

The same body parts are always taken. The jaws of cattle are cleaned to the bone, the reproductive organs are removed, the gastrointestinal tract and rectum are excised. There is no blood at the scene.

Similar “organ fences” occur in different species of animals, including humans. All this resembles the collection of organs and samples for some research purposes. All researchers of these events agree on one conclusion – these events are of extraterrestrial origin and representatives of extraterrestrial civilization are involved in them.


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