The passenger faces a large fine for indecent behavior on the plane

(ORDO NEWS) — JetBlue is going to fine one of the passengers a fairly large sum of $ 45,000 for indecent behavior. The man unexpectedly grabbed the flight attendant by the shins during the flight and then stuck his head under her skirt.

Reported by the FAA.

This not entirely pleasant situation happened at the end of spring during a flight from New York. The passenger first attracted attention by throwing carry-on luggage around the cabin. After that, he lay down in the middle of the aisle and did not want to get up. The incident ended with harassment of the flight attendant.

The crew was forced to tie the man up and then urgently land in Richmond to take him off the flight. In recent years, this is already 34 cases of disturbance on board the aircraft. They want to be fined over half a million dollars.

For example, earlier the passenger distracted the crew from work and tried to “shoot them out of the hand”. As a result, he paid a $ 10,000 fine. Another passenger threw corn kernels and showed everyone her middle fingers.

Taking into account the current US legislation, passengers are not allowed to interfere with the crew of the aircraft during the flight. Violation of this law threatens with either a decent fine or imprisonment.


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