The owners of the crashed helicopter accused Bryant of negligence

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Conflict erupts over the death in a January plane crash of the famous basketball player Kobe Bryant, his daughter and several friends and acquaintances.

Representatives of the Island Express, which owned the crashed helicopter, made it clear to the relatives of the victims that the athlete himself decided on the flight.

As already reported by, the widow of Bryant Vanessa sued Island Express, accusing the owners of the aircraft of not observing safety measures during flights. On the day of the disaster, the Los Angeles police recommended that private owners of helicopters and airplanes exclude flights in conditions of intense fog and wind.

However, a car with Bryant and eight more of his companions on board still took off and crashed in the foothills of California. According to representatives of Island Express, who filed a counterclaim against Bryant’s relatives, it was he who made the pilot fly into the air, as he was late for an important event in his basketball school.

“It should be borne in mind that any injuries or losses incurred by the complaining parties were directly caused, in part or in full, by the negligence or mistake of the representatives of the complaining party,” Island Express lawyers saying.

Lawyers representing the interests of the carrier company emphasized that both Bryant and all passengers knew about the risks they took during the flight under adverse conditions and that they voluntarily boarded the helicopter.


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