The owner was speechless when she saw her cat playing the piano

(ORDO NEWS) — A TikTok user heard her cat play the piano and immediately realized that she had real talent in front of her. Not everyone with fingers will be able to play a melody invented by a cat.

Merike Hess (nickname) maintains his channel on a popular platform, which has already gathered about two thousand subscribers. People actively follow the life of the cat, who, as it turned out, has a real talent for music.

One video caused a stir. The wearer managed to remove her cat during the game. The mustachioed family member thought that no one was in the room, so he actively created the melody. The video makes you wonder again what animals do when no one is at home.

The presence of the hostess knocked down the furry for a second, but soon he got ready and finished his piece of music. According to the TikTok user, the real Mozart lives with her.

The rest of the users were surprised at a very good game from an animal that cannot learn a single note. The video is actively scattered across the Web, collecting fans of the four-legged musician.


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