The origin of coronavirus: the mystery of the null patient

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — There is still no answer to the question of when exactly the COVID-19 coronavirus first met a person. The more people in the world become infected, the more difficult it becomes to find a “zero patient”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) admits that the first coronavirus infections were in December 2019. If everything is confirmed, then the timeline, origin and source of the flash can be transferred. But this still needs to be confirmed, said the Director of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, Hans Kluge, in the Naili Asker Zade film “Dangerous Virus. Vaccine”.

The second outbreak in China caused a new strain of coronavirus which is much more dangerous than Wuhan

It is likely that there could be cases of infection as early as November, admits Rebecca Dutch, professor of molecular and cellular biochemistry at the University of Kentucky.

“As far as I know, China announced the virus on December 31. Of course, then there were already infections,” she says.

According to her, cases of infection, apparently, began to appear in November-December. Travelers from Europe and the United States could easily become infected in China and bring the infection back home. But no one knew anything – there were no serious symptoms.

“Today, in hindsight, we know that there may have been cases before that, isolated ones that were not detected and were apparently asymptomatic,” said former President of the World Medical Association, Professor Leonid Eidelman (Israel).

The first case outside of China was diagnosed on January 13 in Thailand, he says. That is, there was time to localize this epidemic, and this, unfortunately, really was not done.

And according to Xue Fuqi, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the latest data from the UK and Japan say that cases of COVID-19 were reported in September 2019 and even earlier.

“This greatly complicates the situation, and therefore, I believe that the search for the so-called” null patient “, the search for the origin of the virus will require additional months and even years,” he says.


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