The oldest crater on Earth did not appear from a meteorite impact

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(ORDO NEWS) — Experts have denied the results of a study conducted some time ago regarding the impact character of the most ancient crater on the planet, which is located in Greenland.

The oldest crater in Greenland was discovered in 2012. Its diameter is almost 100 kilometers, and experts used to believe that it appeared as a result of the fall of a huge meteorite several billion years ago. A new study by Chris Yakimchuk and his colleagues refuted the results of the previous one. Experts believe that this region is incompatible with an impact crater.

Yakimchuk said that the rock may contain zircon crystals that resemble certain time capsules. They can retain damage caused by shock waves generated during a meteorite fall. No similar damage was recorded in this crater.

Deep underground, places were discovered where the rocks melted, but scientists are sure that this happened about 40 million later than previously thought. At the moment, experts continue to study this region in order to learn more about the ancient history of our planet.


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