The old woman was “resurrected” twice at her own funeral

(ORDO NEWS) — In Zimbabwe, an old woman was “resurrected” twice at her own funeral. This is reported by Bulawayo 24.

The pensioner was ill for a long time and suffered a stroke. She died soon after.

The relatives began to prepare for the funeral. However, during the burial, they noticed that the grandmother was breathing. Then the burial process was stopped, and the woman was taken home.

The next day, the pensioner again stopped showing signs of life. When the funeral was resumed, the old woman stirred again. After that, her relatives took her to the hospital, where she died again.

According to the head of the village, the locals even wanted to ask the sorcerer for help to explain the woman’s sudden resurrection.

“She was probably unconscious and with a very weak heartbeat, so her relatives and villagers considered her dead and began to bury her,” the doctors explained.


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