The number of patients with coronavirus in China is 10 times higher than official figures

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The fact that China has underestimated the number of people infected with coronavirus has been known for a long time, but no one assumed that the underestimation would be 10 times. Disappointing data was obtained after another study.

Scientists from the University of Washington in St. Louis and Ohio State University did not get the most positive results. Experts once again analyzed the statistics on Covid-19 in China, unofficial media reports, as well as information from open sources (from social networks in particular).

It is known that real information is carefully hidden, and the authors of various leaks are prosecuted. For example, the Celestial authorities are actively looking for bloggers Chen Qushi and Fan Bin who have revealed the truth about what is happening in Chinese hospitals.

There is evidence that the outbreak generally began in October, and already in January, funeral homes worked around the clock. Until January, a working day at crematoria lasted no more than four hours a day. Pathologist Hye Mai noted that funeral homes have long been working to the maximum when the world only found out about the pandemic.

According to researchers, on February 7, the number of people infected in the Celestial Empire ranged from 300 thousand to 1.27 million people. Mortality was at the level of 2.5-10%. About 7 thousand people died. These numbers are at least 10 times more than the official 13,603 infected and 545 deaths.

There are eight crematoria in Wuhan, seven of which burned 680 corpses per day (statistics for one institution are unknown). Funeral workers were recruited in Wuhan on February 19, and 40 mobile incinerators were put into operation. Out of 190 thousand beds in all hospitals, there were almost no free places: out of 80 patients, one hospital was able to receive only five.

Thus, if you delve into each news, you will see a clear fraud on the part of the Chinese authorities.


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