The number of birds can be calculated by their cries

(ORDO NEWS) — Seabirds nest in places that are difficult to access for humans, so calculating their numbers is very difficult. Scientists from the British Royal Society for the Protection of Birds have learned to determine the number of birds by the sounds they make.

Researchers explain that despite being remote from humans, seabirds, like other representatives of the fauna, suffer from its influence. Rats were accidentally brought to many islands by people, which now seriously threaten birds, ruining their nests. Enemies are both dogs and cats, which also appeared on the islands thanks to humans.

Scientists suggested that the population of birds is declining, but they did not have any basic numbers to compare dynamics. Now this work is becoming possible.

For several months, British ornithologists made audio recordings in bird colonies: both in remote ones and in those where the number of birds could be counted manually. Using a computer, an algorithm was created that isolates the cry of an individual, which allows us to estimate the total number of birds in the colony.

The new technology will help to pay special attention to those places where the life of birds is in danger, and take the necessary measures to protect them.


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