The noisiest animals on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Oceanologists published an interesting study in the scientific journal Scientific Reports. In it, scientists called the noisiest animals on Earth.

As it turned out, these are European lobsters. Scientists claim that the friction of their antennae can be heard or felt at a distance of about three kilometers.

The researchers made the discovery by accident. They tested the operation of the underwater microphone system, which they developed to study the acoustic signals of various marine invertebrates.

Scientists plunged microphones in shallow water and released a number of common spiny lobsters (Palinurus elephas). As a result, it turned out that these animals can make very loud sounds that are comparable to the roar of a turbojet engine.

The source of sounds was the antennae, which lobsters rubbed on the chitin outgrowth between the eyes. Scientists have suggested that in this way, crustaceans can scare away predators or warn relatives.


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