The ninth planet may not be hiding where we previously thought

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers are diligently searching for the ninth planet, which, as it turns out, may have an elliptical orbit. This means that the experts were looking for the body in the wrong place., writes about this The Astronomical Journal.

The theory of the existence of a ninth planet in the outskirts of the solar system has been hovering since 2016. Then astronomers Konstantin Batygin and Michael Brown from the California Institute of Technology in an article outlined the arguments regarding the existence of a planet. Scientists noted that the body must be located outside the orbit of Neptune.

The ninth planet belongs to extreme trans-Neptunian objects, which are characterized by huge elliptical orbits. In 2019, experts revised their past findings, changing the mass of the ninth planet.

So, initially everyone believed that it is 10 times more for the Sun, but now the excess is 5 times. The updated calculations revealed a new orbital shape.

Unfortunately, even the approximate coordinates of the ninth planet are unknown. Scientists need to do more research. So far, they only record a strange influence, presumably Planet X, on various objects.


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