The ninth planet does not really exist

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Planet X or the Ninth Planet, the existence of which was proved only by mathematical means, in fact, can be nothing more than a fiction. This fact is indicated by the latest study of specialists led by Pedro Bernardinelli, the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM reports.

For ten years, scientists have put forward various versions that there is another planet in the vicinity of our galaxy. Such a planet would be 5 times larger than the Earth and located at a distance of 20 times further from the Sun than Neptune. Some time ago, experts found various oddities in the galaxy, the origin of which could only be explained by the fact that the ninth planet really exists.

But a new study destroyed all those versions that were put forward earlier. Scientists examined in detail the data of the Dark Energy Survey and came to the conclusion that there is no direct evidence of the existence of another planet. The results of this study were published in the scientific journal New Scientist.

Bernardinelli found 139 large objects beyond the orbit of Neptune. But not one of them was large enough to be called a planet. It is worth noting that when a huge number of different objects are nearby, they can create exactly the same gravitational effect as a huge celestial body.


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