The new version of the crash of the “Titanic”: the liner was destroyed by a powerful flash on the Sun

(ORDO NEWS) — A strong solar flare caused a geomagnetic disturbance. Because of this, the navigation devices that were present on the liner could start working incorrectly, which led to a change in the course of the Titanic.

The most popular maritime disaster has been studied for over 100 years. In the end, the researchers called the sinking of the Titanic “the perfect shipwreck”, which happened as a result of the confluence of several fatal events.

In 1912, a minimum distance was observed between the Earth and the Moon, which led to very strong tides. Because of this, icebergs, which broke away from Greenland and usually settled aground near the island of Newfoundland, headed further into the ocean, towards the transatlantic shipping route. One of these icebergs was on the way of the Titanic on April 14.

On the night of the shipwreck, the moon was not visible, so visibility was minimal. In addition, binoculars were not available so that you could see what was in the distance. The binoculars were in a special safe, the key to which David Blair had forgotten to hand over to his replacement. As a result, the iceberg was only seen when it was about 670 meters away.

If the ship collided with the iceberg with its bow, it would not have sunk. Captain William Murdoch attempted a maneuver to dodge but failed. As a result, the liner got used to the iceberg tangentially, which caused the steel sheets to diverge. The damage was 90 meters.

A few hours before the meeting with the iceberg, a warning was received that there was an ice field ahead and many ice blocks of various sizes. But this message was not relayed to the Titanic captain.

But it doesn’t end there. Weather researcher Mila Zinkova believes that space weather could also play a role in the shipwreck. When radio operators transmitted distress signals, they indicated the coordinates, which were 11 kilometers from the scene. This may indicate that their instruments were not working correctly. This could have happened due to a solar flare, which caused a powerful geomagnetic storm.


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