The new robot has amazingly realistic facial expressions

(ORDO NEWS) — The British company Engineered Arts has developed a humanoid robot that can easily display various facial expressions typical of humans.

In a short video posted on its YouTube channel, the company demonstrates the most advanced humanoid, dubbed Ameca, which is originally a platform for testing robotic technologies.

Thanks to new developments in artificial intelligence, machines are learning not only to perform human tasks, but also to go beyond them. However, for humans and machines to work together organically, machines must occupy the same space, and humanoids are the best at that.

Researchers are currently working to make humanoids more interactive by teaching them non-verbal communication.

As seen in the video, the humanoid appears to have woken up in a robotic lab while the real person is busy working in the background. The robot moves its arms, showing different facial expressions, and even expresses surprise. Its creators rightfully call him the Future Face of Robotics.

The lower half of the robot is currently non-functional, and it cannot walk yet. However, walking or jumping is not the goal of Ameca.

Ameca is powered by the Engineering Arts tritium operating system, which allows robotics companies to test their technology.

Ameca will be showcasing at CES 2022, which is scheduled for January 2022.


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