The nearest distance is less than 400 meters, the US military aircraft continued to provoke for 4 hours

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Recently, there was a rumor that the US military aircraft was exposed to the laser of the Chinese destroyer again? The Chinese Ministry of National Defense has issued a warning to the US military on this matter a few days ago: Because the US military aircraft ignored the multiple warnings and continued to provoke the Chinese warships for 4 hours, even approaching the dangerous range of less than 400 meters from the Chinese warships in order to gather intelligence, it is very likely to cause an accident Occurred, so I advised the US military not to try to dangerously provoke China.

In fact, the United States claimed that its patrol planes had never mentioned that the reconnaissance plane had entered the absolute attack range of the near-defense weapons of other countries ’fleets when it was exposed to laser light. Such provocations and unjustified smears are the reason why the United States uses hegemonism to explain the rationality of its actions. Another performance, in today ’s critical period, the United States still does not forget to send fleets and planes to provoke provocations, and rogues are exposed.

In fact, the frequent so-called free navigation of the United States on the sea or in the sky is essentially to enable the US armed forces to achieve rapid response. The relevant actions can only represent the freedom of the United States to maintain and develop its interests, not the oceans of various countries. The freedom of rights and interests even violates the latter.

Moreover, in order to obtain detailed information for provocation, the US anti-submarine aircraft has violated a series of consensuses and agreements reached among the countries in the field of maritime military security. The operation of the US anti-submarine aircraft at close range for reconnaissance operations may even lead to serious strategic misjudgments. It is impossible for pilots to dare to carry out operations without the authorization of the upper ranks of the U.S. military without the authorization of the upper ranks of the U.S. military. Therefore, the U.S. military accused the anti-submarine aircraft of being irradiated with laser light.

However, arrogant Americans should also open their eyes and take a good look at their opponents who have repeatedly provoked free navigation: today, whether it is around the southern seas of Asia with cloud waves and treacherous Asia, it is still under the actual control of the northern power Russia. Under the Black Sea and the Kerch Strait, the relevant countries already have strong sea and air armed forces waiting for their lives, and are always ready to warmly welcome US ships visiting as uninvited guests.

In fact, there is no shortage of more radical and effective means than laser irradiation: fighter jets roll over the barrel of the reconnaissance machine, and destroyers use basic maneuvers to stage basic routines such as other cars at sea.

The US Navy ’s own aircraft and ships have also I have tasted the taste more than once. As for small techniques such as directional interference radio communication and fishing boat cutting off sonar cables, it is even more capable of letting uninvited guests eat a few dumb losses. If the US military still does its own thing, continue to pursue the so-called freedom. Sailing, there must be more suffering waiting for them to eat.


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