The myth of the origin of coronavirus has been dispelled in China

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The origin of COVID-19 has nothing to do with the activities of the laboratory in Wuhan. This was stated by the Chinese publication “Zhenbin Ribao.” In addition, it dispelled several more popular myths about the disease.

The article says that the laboratory of the Institute of Virology in Wuhan has repeatedly been accused of allegedly creating a new coronavirus artificially. However, the publication emphasizes that the research center has received all the necessary safety certificates, including for working with deadly pathogens.

Therefore, the version that the virus could “leak” from such a protected place, according to the publication, is not viable.

Moreover, the author of the material notes that so far everything indicates the natural origin of COVID-19. Also, the fact that the first patient was registered in Wuhan also does not allow to make unambiguous conclusions.

In addition to these popular myths, the publication indicates that information about the allegedly strong outbreak in China in November is untrue. For the first time, a report on coronavirus fell on the table of the Chinese government only on December 27, and an epidemic alert was issued on the 31st. Beijing informed WHO immediately of the situation.


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