The myth about the safe amount of alcohol for humans has been refuted

(ORDO NEWS) — British scientists always amaze the whole world with their discoveries. Recently, experts from the University of Oxford investigated the relationship between alcoholic beverages of different strengths and brain activity.

Why are women more susceptible to alcohol

Investigated 25 thousand people. Dr. Anya Topivala, lead author, shared some interesting results. It is reported by 9news.

The doctor and her team have thoroughly investigated the work of the brain under the influence of different types of alcohol. It turned out that there is no minimum safe dose for the body. It doesn’t matter what a person drinks: beer or a stronger drink, it is harmful in any quantity.

A Visiting Clinical Fellow in Psychiatry at King’s College London said new research confirms previous findings. First of all, the brain always suffers. This is the main organ that cannot be transplanted or removed and live without it.

All formulas and recommendations for calculating the safe amount of alcohol do not work. During the study, the brain of a drunken person was scanned. It has been proven that neural connections die, and this primarily affects all life processes. Therefore, alcohol consumption always poses a great threat to health.


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