The mystical history of the Pyramid Lake. Why do locals have strange dreams

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — There are many mystical places in the world in which some strange things happen. These may be places where ships or planes disappear, or they may simply be places with natural anomalies. We have already talked about some of this, but we only have to tell you about something, but now we are interested in one place that is connected with ancient legends.

This story has romance, betrayal, death, human cruelty, a bit of stupidity and angry spirits. From the outside it seems that the place we are talking about is just a lake, but numerous evidence from tourists and locals say that this is not so. But from a geological point of view, this is really just a mountain lake – Lake Pyramids.

Where is the Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake is located in the United States. More specifically, not far from the city of Reno in Nevada. The place is very beautiful and attracts tourists with its picturesque views. Many tourists do not even know about the history that occurred in this place many years ago. Or maybe she was just an Indian legend. Here, everyone will decide for himself what to believe.

Some tourists know the story behind the Pyramid Lake, and they go there not just to take a look at the views and take a couple of beautiful photographs, but to touch the mysticism and tickle their nerves. Many of them claim that they succeeded.

The lake got its slightly unusual name due to the mountain formation, which is located on its shore. It is a stone formation scattered in a chaotic manner, having a conical shape. The formations consist of calcareous tuff, and geologists claim that the lake was not formed on its own, but due to tectonic movements it was separated from another larger lake.

The Pyramid Lake itself is mountainous, not only because of the mountains surrounding it, but also because of the height at which it is located. It is 1157 meters above sea level, and the lake area is 487 square kilometers.

Legend of the Pyramid Lake

The lake is on the reservation of the Indian tribe payut. The legend that became the main one for these places is very ancient and is part of the culture of the local Indians. She does not just live her life, but is passed down from generation to generation and has survived to this day. According to this legend, the local mountains are not geological formations, but something completely different.

Legend has it that many years ago, the young son of the leader of the tribe walked along the lake and met a beautiful girl. Almost at first glance, the young people fell in love with each other and wanted to never leave. It would seem that this is nothing complicated, and only the mutual desire and blessing of the fellow tribesmen is enough. But the situation was a little more complicated.

It turned out that the girl has one secret that she told her chosen one. She was the daughter of an ordinary woman and the spirit of the lake. Therefore, she was only half human. In the second half, she was a water snake. This did not bother the young Indian, who was ready to put up with it. But at the same time he was ready to put up with the fact that in a human form a girl could only be a few months a year. He loved her so much.

Having said that this would not be an obstacle to their feelings, the young man led his beloved to meet his fellow tribesmen. But people were not ready to accept this, they got angry and killed the young man’s bride.

This led to the fact that the spirit of the lake imposed a terrible curse on the tribe. Once a year, on the day of the death of his daughter, evil spirits had to be instilled in the children of the tribe so that they would kill their parents in order to propitiate the spirit of the lake, which was angry at people because of the loss of their daughter.

The elders understood that something had to be done, and agreed once a year to sacrifice one baby to the lake. So the souls of the victims began to fly over the lake and live in its waters. There is evidence that they take fishermen to the bottom about once a year and in a dream come to people who spent the night on the lake.

So the Pyramid Lake became a symbol of human cruelty and the price they had to pay to atone for the spirit of the lake.

According to legend, the stone formations on the shore of the lake are nothing but the petrified tears of the mothers that they shed on the shore of this lake.

Mystical phenomena of the Pyramid Lake in Nevada

Many tourists and locals really claim that they heard babies screaming on the shore, as well as something like groans and crying. Further versions may vary. Either this is really connected with the legend, or there is a completely logical explanation for this, and the statements of local residents are nothing more than an attempt to attract more tourists to the lake. Something like this is happening on Loch Ness.

As scientific explanations, scientists give precisely an unusual landscape that can create such turbulences of air flows that produce sounds similar to what tourists are talking about. Maybe they are not so similar, but if you know what you have to hear, that is what you will hear.

This can also explain strange dreams. I already told you where they come from and how they can be based on what is happening around. It is a kind of reality supplement. Many have come across situations where you fall asleep in vehicles and dream that you are still in the bus or train, but what is happening nearby is already a dream. That is why drowsiness while driving is dangerous.

The driver may simply not know that he fell asleep. I heard a couple of such stories from drivers personally. One told me that it seemed to him that he was traveling around the city, although there were tens of kilometers to the nearest settlement. As a result, he woke up and everything ended well, but that is how dreams can be supplemented by real-world events.

Legends are part of the cultural heritage of every nation and must be respected. Moreover, sometimes some things are really difficult to explain with logic, but then scientists help us with this. Whether you consider the Pyramid Lake a mystical place or just a beautiful location is up to you. I just shared an interesting and mystical legend that exists in our world.


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