The mystery of the spaceship at the bottom of the Baltic Sea is revealed

(ORDO NEWS) — Recently, archaeologists have begun very often to find sunken ships in the Baltic Sea. Discoveries allow you to learn more about the events of the past: about the fierce Vikings, old merchants and the military. The last object discovered greatly surprised scientists, as it has a unique shape.

The bottom of the Baltic Sea is covered with hundreds of ships from different eras. In 2012, an object was discovered that made archaeologists pause as it stood out from everyone else. The find was made about 200 meters from Sweden.

Peter Lindbergh’s team initially decided that they were dealing with a real spaceship. Archaeologists have twenty years of experience, but they have not come across anything like this in their practice. The object has a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 60 meters and a 400-meter tail. The find was made by chance: before leaving, scientists decided to once again walk along the bottom with an echo sounder, and they discovered a strange massive object.

According to some archaeologists, the object was created by nature, it does not belong to any case of shipwreck. The archaeologists contacted their fellow marine biologists and geologists. No one in his life has come across such objects. Perhaps archaeologists have found something really amazing.

A preliminary analysis showed that the age of the find is 140 thousand years. It may have formed during the Ice Age. The find requires careful analysis, therefore, if the final results appear, it will not be soon.


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