The mystery of the galaxy, which is almost one hundred percent dark matter, unraveled

(ORDO NEWS) — In the course of studying the galaxy Dragonfly-44, which surprised scientists with the concentration of dark matter, the number of globular clusters around this structure was calculated. As a result, the galactic system turned out to be not so anomalous.

The unique galaxy was discovered a couple of years ago. Then experts noted that 99.9% of Dragonfly-44 consists of dark matter. After so much time, it turned out that there was nothing special in the galactic structure, it was just necessary to make more detailed measurements.

Dark matter is a mysterious substance that cannot be seen. It is to her that most of the mass of our Universe is assigned. According to some estimates, dark matter in galaxies is 10-300 times larger than normal.

A couple of years ago, astronomers were able to find a galaxy in the constellation Coma Veronica, which contained 10,000 times more dark matter. Theories say that such structures simply cannot exist, which is why scientists have long considered Dragonfly-44 anomalous.

By counting globular clusters, of which there were 20, it was possible to find out that there is 300 times more dark matter, not 10,000 times. Thus, the structure is no longer unique.

The number of globular clusters is directly related to the mass of the galaxy. Counting clusters allows you to find out the percentage of dark matter. It is worth noting that, although there is such a connection, experts cannot explain it.


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