The mystery of the death of the Dyatlov group is revealed

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of students led by Igor Dyatlov died in 1959 in the Urals during a camping trip. Only 60 years later, the investigation into the incident came to its logical conclusion: harsh environmental conditions were to blame for the group’s death.

For more than half a century, what kind of guesses did not go around the incident: it was assumed that the students were killed, moreover, it could be aliens. Only Yuri Yudin, who left the group a few days before the incident due to illness, survived.

According to the statement of Andrei Kulakov, the Prosecutor General of the Ural Federal District, nature ruined the students.

The students advanced 50 meters to the stone ridge after the start of the blizzard. When the weather intensified, they turned back, however, they could not find the place for the camp: the visibility was only 6-16 meters. Not a single member of the expedition saw a tent when he was descending from a hill called the Dyatlov Pass.

When a person cannot see normally, he always goes aside, even if he imagines exactly where his camp is, Kuryakova noted. Students tried to keep warm at -40 ° C near the forest. They lit a fire, but could not support it for more than an hour and a half.

Tourists decided to split into two groups: one part of the students went with Dyatlov, and the second with the instructor for tourism Zolotarev. Not a single team could find the tents. Several people who left with Zolotarev, in addition, were under an avalanche, because of which they received numerous fractures. A stream of snow scattered their bodies all over the hill.


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