The mystery of the century revealed: it became known why the noses of the ancient Egyptian statues were broken

(ORDO NEWS) — Since the beginning of excavations in Egypt, archaeologists have wondered why there is not a single surviving statue. Most scientists saw this as just a coincidence: after all, works of art created in the 25th century BC cannot. e., perfectly preserved. Some archaeologists were inclined to believe that this was some kind of regularity.

According to the curators of the Brooklyn Museum exhibition, the Egyptians deliberately broke off their noses, mutilated their eyes and hands. It was noticed that there is no such important part of the face as the nose in ancient images. The craftsmen could not ignore this element. It means that someone spoiled the statues.

Archaeologist Edward Bleiberg is sure that representatives of different ruling dynasties could do this. There was a constant struggle between them, so the leaders could well leave “scars” on their competitors in the literal and figurative sense.

The Egyptians often attributed supernatural powers to the human body. Perhaps they believed that without a nose, the spirit of the deceased would not be able to breathe and, therefore, be reborn. The Egyptians were extremely superstitious, so they could well assume that the deceased pharaoh is able to rule the country from the underworld. To prevent this, his statues could be beaten off by hands, broken nose and eyes gouged out.

During their lifetime, the pharaohs severely punished those who changed their image and appearance. Previously, hardly anyone perceived statues, sarcophagi, etc., as works of art. These items were common objects of worship, nothing more. Few people were worried about their safety.

Thus, a story with broken noses could have a logical conclusion if the scientific world accepts it.


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