The mystery of the ancient deadly cave in Turkey has been solved

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(ORDO NEWS) — A cave in Turkey that has been considered the gateway to the underworld for over 2,200 years. Even the ancient Romans called it the gate to hell. This is a cave in the city of Hierapolis (territory of ancient Phrygia). In ancient times, animals were sacrificed in it to worship Pluto (God of Death).

The sacrifices were public and were watched by all interested people. At the same time, the person who brought animals there always remained alive. Inside the cave space is filled with dense vapor with a high concentration of carbon dioxide. Any animal that was brought into the cave would instantly die. It is mentioned in the writings of the ancient historian Strabo, who lived in 64-24 BC.

It was possible to find the find thanks to the mass death of birds in the area of ​​the cave. Reported by Sciencealert.

Volcanologist Hardy Plants said that such concentrations of carbon dioxide appear due to seismic activity underground. Scientists have figured out why the cave did not kill people. The thing is that steam is denser and heavier than air. It settles 40 cm from the floor arena. It was at this height that the head of most of the animals was located. So they breathed it in and died immediately.

It was safe for the people there, they just walked through the fog, not breathing it. Historians claim that in ancient times many tourists came here to witness such an unusual phenomenon. After all, then people really thought that the souls of dead animals were taken by the God of Death.


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