The mystery of prehistoric stone balls revealed

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In almost all habitats of ancient people, scientists find stone artifacts of almost perfect spherical shape. Our ancestors used these items two million years ago, especially a lot of such stones were found in East Africa – the ancestral home of man.

Ella Asaf with her team from Tel Aviv University found out that stones were an instrument for one thing – opening the bones of large animals in order to extract bone marrow.

A pair of spherical stones remained in use even after more advanced tools and tools were invented. 30 stones were found in Kesem Cave, which is located east of Tel Aviv. For a long time, archaeologists could not understand why these spheres served the ancient people.

The balls passed from generation to generation, as they were incredibly difficult to make. One wrong move – and the workpiece was split in half. Later people may have collected these balls, since they found them beautiful. So they showed respect for their ancestors.


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