The mystery of a Chinese village in which for a century there have been no mosquitoes at all

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Around the village of Dean Ulin, which is located in the Celestial Empire, there are dense green spaces and ponds, but at the same time there has not been a single mosquito there for about a hundred years, which is very, very strange. This is quite suitable for the locals: for several generations people have not known what mosquito bites are.

It is interesting that in the region there are several more villages that in the summer cannot help but hang mosquito nets on the windows, otherwise mosquitoes will bite them. About the anomaly of the village of Ding Ulin, four years ago, People’s Daily wrote. Then everyone hoped that the article would attract the attention of scientists and solve the riddle of the absence of mosquitoes once and for all. However, it did not work out: to this day, the residents themselves and caring web users are only wondering what could be the reason.

The village itself rises 700 meters above sea level; representatives of the Hakka people live in it. These people have a very rich history. The appearance of the village has changed little over time: a settlement can carry you to the Chinese Middle Ages with only one difference – the presence of satellite dishes and wires.

Locals believe that their stone in the form of a toad, which is located on the outskirts of the village, protects them from mosquitoes. A more real version is the garbage of citizens, which is collected in one heap and buried on the hillsides. It is possible that the gases released repel mosquitoes.

Scientists are in no hurry to go to the village to find out the truth. Therefore, we are unlikely to find out the truth in the near future.


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