The mysterious mass death of birds does not stop in the US

(ORDO NEWS) — Mass deaths of birds continue to be recorded in the United States. Most common in the South and Midwest. Blue jays, common and European starlings are dying. Biologists observe this pattern in 6 states, as well as in Washington and the District of Columbia.

Reported by LEX18.

A record high bird mortality has been recorded this year, according to Keith Slankard, bird biologist at the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. The reason for the death of birds has not yet been established. Affected individuals have symptoms such as puffy eyes, seizures, and loss of balance.

Birds go blind, do not fly away from people when they approach them, they just sit on the ground and tremble. Such cases are very common, according to Slencard, hundreds of birds are struck by an unknown ailment.

A group of scientists is now trying to figure out the cause of death of animals. It is very difficult to diagnose the problem. It takes time to establish a diagnosis. Laboratory tests are carried out in several stages. It could be some kind of infection or the action of pesticides, biologists say.

Wildlife officials in Indiana said 5 counties have reported similar deaths of jays, robins and other bird species. In September 2020, hundreds of thousands of deaths were recorded in New Mexico. At the same time, the test for bird flu showed a negative result.


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