The most terrible lake on Earth is in Africa

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Few people know that there is a body of water on Earth that serves as a real trap for animals and birds that are nearby with it. A lake called Natron is located in Tanzania in eastern Africa.

Researchers have found out why this mysterious lake is so dangerous . It turns out that the matter is in its unique composition.

The liquid in this lake is a whole “broth” of chemicals: a variety of sodium compounds containing a mixture of sulfate, bicarbonate, chloride and sodium carbonate. Thanks to this composition, the alkalinity of the water just rolls over.

The most terrible lake on Earth is in Africa 2

If an animal or any bird dare to approach it to drink water, then they will inevitably die. The lake begins to draw the body to the bottom, and then, having “processed” it with calcium, it throws it to the surface.

Those of people who once approached this lake, then said that its entire surface is strewn with skeletons of living creatures.

To consider from afar what is happening on the surface of a terrible reservoir is practically impossible. Chemically dense water creates an optical illusion that makes the surface of the water look like solid glass. It is this circumstance that leads to the death of migratory birds that decide to land on its surface.

Local residents said that several years ago people who flew by helicopter nearly died here and decided to land. Only acid touched the metal, the aircraft began to dissolve, and people simply miraculously escaped by leaving it.


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