The most selfish zodiac signs according to astrologers

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Almost everyone came across egoism, it is not surprising, because this quality is inherent in nature.

However, some signs of the zodiac are more likely to manifest selfishness, while others, on the contrary, have almost no such trait.

Aries. Representatives of the sign are similar to children. It can be difficult for them to appreciate that the desires and needs of others are different from their own. It’s like for a baby who screams all night, not realizing that his mother is tired and wants to relax. Basically for Aries there are no feelings of other people.

Gemini. Some of the most selfish signs. Although, at first glance, it seems that this is not so. The twins will go anywhere with you, talk about anything, but only until they themselves are interested in this. If only he gets bored in your company, he will get rid of you as an unnecessary ballast.

Cancer. Representatives of the sign are extremely caring, but do not need to reassure yourself, because most of their care comes from natural egoism. It all lies in the fact that caring for others calms the Cancers, so basically he does it for himself, and not for you.

Lev. They need a place under a spotlight almost like in the air. In the struggle for the first places, they are ready to literally shove all their elbows if they attract attention. The selfishness of Lviv lies in their desire to be in the center of universal admiration, and sometimes they can even injure loved ones.

Virgo. Representatives of the sign, like Cancers, love to help and take care of loved ones. The egoism of the Devs consists in the fact that by their behavior they try to occupy a higher social level. Thus, showing its value and significance.


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