The most powerful Russian weapon in the Arctic is icebreakers

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Despite the ongoing global warming, the Arctic remains one of the coldest places in the world, and Russia is one of those countries that are best prepared to capture it. And not because she has any new hypersonic weapons or invisible planes, but because she has icebreakers. Get to know: the Arctic-type nuclear icebreaker.

The Soviet Union was the progenitor of Russian icebreakers. The first Arctic-type icebreaker was built in the early 1970s, and a total of six such ships were launched. Most icebreakers of this type were sent for disposal in the 2000s and 2010s.

Like many other icebreakers, the Arctic has a double hull. Thick steel casing allows it to break the ice, keeping the body intact. The outer casing is thick, but it is significantly thinner than the inner casing. The space between them serves as a cavity for placing ballast in the form of sea water.

Another unique piece of icebreakers is their stem. Unlike most other vessels where the stem is narrow and pointed, it does not have special hydrodynamic efficiency at the icebreaker. That is, it is less sharp. But this is only for the benefit of the icebreaker.

There is a widespread misconception that the icebreaker rams pack ice, shattering it and paving the way for other ships. In fact, the icebreaker breaks the ice with its own weight. The rounded stem allows it to crawl onto the ice and break it from above. In fact, the icebreaker sits on the ice and sits on it until it yields. The Arctic is not very fast in the open ocean, but it can break ice two to three meters thick.

In addition to the sturdy case and nose, the Arctic has a device for releasing jets of hot steam under the surface of the water. This steam weakens the ice at the rate of the “Arctic”, making it a little thinner. Such ice breaks more easily, and the fault location becomes more predictable.

Of course, this icebreaker has a nuclear power plant. Two nuclear reactors drive three propellers that can move in the direction of the left and right sides, facilitating maneuvering in tight places. The Arctic has an almost unlimited range, since it does not need refueling. This vessel is limited only by the needs of the crew, as well as supplies of water and food. And even an accident for this big ship is not a problem. On board the Arctic there are spare parts, including propellers, which allows for repairs at sea, depending on the amount of repair work.


Our Earth is getting warmer, and icebreakers are becoming more popular. Any country with an interest in the Arctic will have to break the ice, although in the future it will be less. The winner is the one who gets there first. And Moscow has great advantages.


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