The most powerful flash occurred on the Sun in several years

(ORDO NEWS) — On November 29, the Sun recorded the largest flare in three years. The outbreak, which was attributed to the M-class, provoked disruptions in radio communications over the South Atlantic.

The flash has been classified as M4.4. Scientists divide all outbreaks into classes. M-class is a burst of average activity. In addition, the classes are further divided into subcategories from 1 to 9.

As a result of solar flares, a strong wave of electromagnetic radiation appears, which may well provoke problems with radio communications. The strongest X-class surges can even cause a complete shutdown of radio communications on Earth. The M-class bursts are not so strong and therefore have little effect on our planet.

Astronomer Tony Phillips said that as a result of ultraviolet radiation, the atmosphere of our planet was ionized. This was the reason that short-wave radio communications began to work poorly over the South Atlantic for a while. At the same time, the astronomer added that the emission of electromagnetic radiation was not directed at our planet.

The recorded flare is the beginning of a new solar cycle. It officially began in December last year. It was possible to establish this only at the beginning of autumn 2020. To confirm such, additional observation time is required. The activity of the Sun will increase until 2025, which will lead to the emergence of new flares. Physicist Doug Biesecker says this solar cycle can be very active. Flares on the surface of the Sun can happen at any second.

Scientists noted the fact that the next burst could be directed towards the Earth. This will cause the radio to malfunction or even cause it to be turned off completely.


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