The most incredible facts about IKEA

(ORDO NEWS) — Today IKEA has grown into a multinational giant, represented in 48 countries around the world and with an annual income of more than 30 billion euros. However, it all started as a dream about comfortable and affordable furniture for everyone. Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA in the military and harsh 1943, and the 17-year-old boy put everything he could into his dream. Today everyone can order goods from Ikea Sochi. With a convenient delivery service, purchases are guaranteed to be profitable.

From a bold start to worldwide recognition

The IKEA brand stands for Ingvar Kamprad, further E means Elmtaryd, the farm on which the founder spent his childhood, Agunnaryd is the city of the company’s formation. Initially, various household goods could be ordered from IKEA. At first, the business lived mainly on money from delivery. Ingvar could not find funds for expansion. The inspiration came when he watched the loading of furniture from a warehouse for delivery in 1955. A team of workers deftly unscrewed the table legs and then packed the furniture into a compact car. It was then that the concept of ideal furniture was born in Ingvar’s head. The Skorokhod service will promptly deliver it to every home. The rates are very nice.

Since the 56th, IKEA has been breaking records for profit, becoming the fastest-growing company in Sweden. Today in about 400 stores you can find:

– Thousands of different types of furniture and accessories.
– Crockery, vases, and decor for furnishing rooms.
– Delicious and healthy food. Almost every store in the world has a cafe with very low prices.
– Finished houses. In special zones, you can walk on a virtual model and order the most suitable project.

The abundance of numerical indices is also not accidental. Ingvar is dyslexic and cannot remember even simple names. Delivery of Ikea to Sochi in this regard has no problems. It always runs smoothly and on time.

Dark spots on IKEA’s reputation

Despite the emphatically kind image and good personal qualities of Ingvar Kamprad. After all, the multi-billionaire leads an extremely modest lifestyle, not unlike thousands of Swedish retirees. IKEA is regularly criticized. Every year, more than 1% of the forest cut in the world is ordered by the company. Large volumes of wood come from Indonesia and Malaysia, where large-scale logging is causing the extinction of hundreds of animal species.

Ingvar Kamprad himself spent his first earned money not on business development, but on party contributions to the “Novosvedskoe Movement”. By that time, it was already an underground Nazi organization in Sweden. In his 1994 book, he honestly admitted all the facts and called them the biggest mistake that almost ruined life.

In the 70s, IKEA focused on the lowest prices when selecting contractors. This led to a number of scandals. When the furniture was collected or packed, the prisoners were virtually free of charge. After all the facts and even legal proceedings were announced, IKEA changed the approach to the formation of production chains. Now the contractor’s company is monitored not only for the quality of products but also for working conditions.


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