The most important ocean current on Earth is on the verge of collapse

(ORDO NEWS) — A sharp weakening of currents over a long time can affect weather conditions throughout the planet and lead to a real disaster.

The latest research by specialists showed that the largest current in the world has all the signs of serious violations. Scientists are beginning to panic that things may change soon.

It is reported by Forbes.

Due to global warming, caused by human activities, more serious climate changes can occur. Another study showed that the Atlantic meridional circulation, which includes the Gulf Stream, has noticeably slowed down recently and can completely collapse at any moment.

This flow plays a very important role, because it is responsible for how heat is distributed throughout the planet.

Stopping the flow will provoke the climate to change completely.

In this case, it will become very cold in Western Europe. Something similar happened at the very end of the Ice Age. AMOS then stopped and the cold snap because of this lasted almost a millennium.

To date, the deceleration is just a hypothesis based on sea surface temperature readings.

In order to finally confirm the hypothesis, it may take years, because AMOS is a very complex current. In addition, experts cannot even guess how long it will take to completely stop the current if it actually began to slow down.


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