The most heart-healthy vitamins

(ORDO NEWS) — The heart is one of the main human organs, so you need to worry so that the heart muscle receives all the trace elements and loads it needs. It is worth giving up bad habits and regularly performing at least primitive exercises. Healthy eating is also an important factor.

Three elements are important for the heart: magnesium, calcium, silicon. Magnesium is responsible for the heartbeat and reduces the tension in the arteries, allowing blood to flow more freely. Magnesium is abundant in spinach, nuts, brown rice, whole grain breads, and fish.

Muscle contractions are impossible without calcium. Plus, this mineral contributes to normal blood clotting. Our body is unable to produce calcium, so it must be obtained exclusively from foods. Otherwise, the element will begin to wash out of the bones. If this happens constantly, then the weakening of the bones is inevitable. Calcium is abundant in vegetables, soybeans, tofu, and nuts.

And the last vital mineral is silicon. It can lower your risk of developing atherosclerosis when plaque builds up in your arteries, lower your risk of developing cholesterol, and reduce arterial stiffness. Silicon is found in a large number of plants – green beans, rice, cucumbers, tomatoes.

If you decide to take dietary supplements, then first you should consult your doctor. An excess of one or another element in the body is also not good. The body will certainly react, for example, problems with the gastrointestinal tract will begin (this is at best).


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