The most famous girl in the world turns 75

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — This heroine of children’s books is one of the most famous characters in the world.

And Pippi Longstocking, created by Astrid Lindgren, turns 75 years old.

“Since the name was extraordinary, the personality also turned out to be extraordinary,” Astrid Lindgren herself allegedly spoke of Pippi Longstocking.

The story of the strongest girl in the world Peppilotott-Victualine-Rolgardine-Chrisminte, the daughter of the capital Ephraim Longstocking, has been pleasing to millions of children and adults since the character was born in 1941.

The first book was published in 1945, and since then it has been translated into at least 77 different languages. Now this incredibly popular character turns 75 years old.

Astrid Lindgren’s daughter Karin Nyman, a writer and translator, previously described how Peppy was born.

“It’s hard for me to remember exactly how this happened: the name just suddenly appeared, I didn’t think about it in advance. The fact is that I really wanted to have some fun, but for this I had to give my mother a good idea so that she could continue to tell. So, when I was sick with a cold and temperature, Pippi appeared,” she told Expressen when the book turned 70 years old.

Rights in the name of Peppy

The fact that Pippi Longstocking is reread by adults and generally behaves badly, at first after the release of the book was perceived ambiguously. Now nobody thinks about it.

The rights to Peppy’s name now belong to the Astrid Lindgren family, whose members are very legible about the context in which it can be used.

“In principle, we do not refuse theaters and filmmakers if their creations are of high enough quality and the authors strictly adhere to the original. But when one day they wanted Peppy to appear in an advertisement for toilet paper, without hesitation, we said “no.” It was more difficult to decide whether to include Peppy in the children’s educational program on road traffic, but in the end we refused anyway,” said Karin Nyuman.


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