The most dangerous place in the history of the Earth

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — What is the most dangerous place on earth today? Perhaps a third world country comes to mind, right?

And what place on our wonderful planet was the most dangerous in the distant past?

Now, if you take the whole known history, then which region could you single out? It’s more difficult to answer here, agree?

From our short video you will learn about the latest discovery in the field of paleontology – the science of life that existed before the Holocene era or at its beginning in past geological periods.

An international team of researchers traveled the whole globe, spent years of life to find the answer to the question about the most dangerous place in the history of the Earth.

Objectively speaking, paleontology is a very important and exact science.

Modern technologies make it possible to determine the absolute geological age (time from an event to the present) with an accuracy of 0.5%. Thanks to paleontologists, we know very well what happened on Earth millions of years before our appearance.

So, the team of scientists led by paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim became the heroes of our video. It was they who gave the answer to such a curious question.


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