The moon affects your well-being and mood

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(ORDO NEWS) — The Moon, a mystical celestial body, which already in ancient times was associated with the goddess and the destiny of man. In our modern times, despite advances in science, many still believe that the position of the Moon can influence our mood and behavior.

Research by scientists in recent decades, however, has not given a clear answer to this question. But recently, psychiatrist David Avery and scientist Thomas Wehr discovered an interesting pattern that may explain the connection between the Moon and human well-being.

In the 70s of the last century, Thomas Wehr began researching sleep disorders and circadian rhythms. During his work, he studied data from 17 patients with bipolar disorder and found that the patients’ mood and activity swings coincided with the cycles of the moon. However, he did not have enough data for a full article, and his subjects did not keep records of their condition.

In 2004, psychiatrist David Avery encountered a similar case. He was treating a patient with a progressive mood disorder who suffered from sleep deprivation.

The patient kept a sleep diary at the request of the doctor, and it turned out that his sleep clearly corresponded to the ebb and flow cycles of the moon. During the full or new moon he slept poorly, but during the first or last quarter phase he slept calmly.

Based on these discoveries, the authors of the study came to the conclusion that the Moon can indeed influence our mood and well-being. They suggest that the vestibular apparatus, which is responsible for circadian rhythms and healthy sleep, is affected by the gravity of the moon, which can lead to lack of sleep and mood changes.

Although these discoveries require further research and confirmation, they do give us new insight into the connection between the Moon and human well-being. Perhaps in the future we will learn more about how this connection works and what mechanisms are behind this phenomenon.


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