The moment before sleep, the brain is capable of solving incredibly complex tasks.

(ORDO NEWS) — Just moments before sleep, the brain is capable of solving the most complex problems. This is the conclusion reached by scientists from the Paris Brain Institute.

The ability to solve complex problems appears at the main body of the CRS during phase N1. This stage of sleep is different in that there are no rapid eye movements. Scientists also call this stage “hypnology”. This phase is an intermediate state between sleep and wakefulness and allows you to find a solution to fairly complex problems.

Neuroscientist Delphine Wudiett, who co-authored the study, recalled that she personally had many of these hypnological conditions that were similar to dreams. They literally fascinated her. At the same time, the researcher did not understand why colleagues were so little interested in this state.

In a new study, experts tested the method used by Thomas Edison. The scientist dozed, holding balls that woke him up, falling to the floor while falling asleep. It is believed that this allowed him to memorize ideas that come during a hypnological state. A repeat experiment involving several people allowed the volunteers to solve a series of math problems.

The volunteers were in a semi-recumbent state, holding in their hands the object that fell when they fell asleep. Then the participants talked about what they thought about the last moment before going to bed, and received new tasks. It turned out that volunteers who managed to reach stage N1 completed tasks three times more often compared to those who were awake. The study made it possible to find out that the effectiveness of a person at this stage was 6 times higher in comparison with the N2 phase.


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