The Milky Way is highly curved astronomers have found out the reason

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(ORDO NEWS) — As it turned out, the disk structure of the Milky Way is not symmetrical – it is deformed. There is a constant movement of the curved edges of the galaxy on the outside.

In the course of the study, it was found that the curvature is associated with a galactic collision. The concept is similar to how fans in a stadium make a wave: everyone rises at the right time. Stars in outer space do something similar, only the disk of the galaxy also revolves around the central region, since the wave revolves around it.

Scientists have been arguing about the cause of the deformation for a long time. The strangeness, according to some, lies in the instability of the galaxy itself. Another theory says that a collision with a certain galaxy structure in the past affected.

Seunglong Cheng of the University of Virginia conducted a major simulation in which he found that the curvature is not related to the movement of the Milky Way. In his opinion, 3 billion years ago, the force of gravity of the Sagittarius galaxy influenced. The collision version is more real.


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