The man turned yellow completely due to a rare reaction to the coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — Briton Lenny Jones completely turned yellow due to his body’s rare reaction to the coronavirus. As noted in the British National Health Service (NHS), Jones became the 12th patient in the entire country with a similar manifestation of the disease, writes The Mirror.

The 69-year-old said that he was admitted to the hospital after “becoming like Bart Simpson” and began to choke. As a result, doctors were forced to give the man a blood transfusion to cure him.

After being admitted to the hospital, the Briton had to spend 11 nights there. At the same time, Jones was the only one in the ward who did not need oxygen. He also admitted that he often saw the medical staff crying during the shift when he learned that one of the patients had died.

At the same time, the pensioner himself always tried to cheer those around him, he noted. “The nurses used to say when a new patient came in, ‘go and talk to Lenny,’” Jones said.

Earlier it was reported that Spanish scientists conducted a study, during which they isolated five strange symptoms in patients with coronavirus. These included swelling and inflammation of the tongue, bumps and spots on it, and swelling and sores on the oral mucosa. Burning sensations in the palms and feet were less common.


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