The man traveled three thousand kilometers to plot Zimbabwe on Google Maps

(ORDO NEWS) — The Republic of Zimbabwe is a state in Africa with a population of 16 million. A country with an amazing landscape, developed megacities and few panoramic images on Google Maps. Tawanda Kanchema, an American photographer from Zimbabwe, decided to fix this situation. He traveled more than 3.2 thousand kilometers to bring 800 kilometers of Zimbabwe roads onto the Internet.

Bird in Flight reports.

It all started when a man searched Google Maps for images of his house. He spent his childhood in the capital of Zimbabwe, in the city of Harare. Much to his surprise, the man did not find a single panoramic photo on Google Street View.

Then Tavanda, without thinking twice, decided to correct this injustice himself. Working as a photographer, he personally decided to go on a trip and fill in the blanks on Google Maps. He managed to get the attention of Google and Insta 360. The photographer was provided with travel equipment. At the beginning of the journey, the Google team filmed the man’s journey. But he traveled most of the journey on his own.

The trip turned out to be exciting. The man used different types of transport: car, bicycle, helicopter, boat, sometimes he had to walk. The whole trip cost him only 5 thousand dollars.

After images of Tawanda Kanhem’s homeland appeared on Google Street View, he has not stopped traveling. On the contrary, the photographer went further to fill the gaps in Namibia, Canada and other countries.


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