The man told how his soul left the body for ten minutes

(ORDO NEWS) — A 50-year-old man named Gwen B. experienced a terrible thing: after a strong blow from a horse, he suddenly saw himself from the side. It became clear that the soul had left the body.

For a long time, the man did not talk about his experience, considering the incident too personal. Only recently did he share his experience. So, the soul hovered over the body for ten minutes. It happened after trying to free the horse. The animal was crushed by the doors of the stable. When Gwen tried to free the creature, the horse apparently got scared. From a strong blow on the head with a hoof, the man lost consciousness.

The soul rose by about three meters. Gwen saw his comrade pull the body out of the stable and call for help, but to no avail. Later, there was a feeling that the man had become a large invisible bubble, who could not hear anything, but understood everything. There was a feeling of lightness.

Someone told Gwen that he could stay or move on. Suddenly the man felt pain, the horse continued to poke his hoof into his nose. The victim’s retina was detached, there were several chips on the right zygomatic arch and a laceration to the bone. Gwen regrets not being left in another world.


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