The man surprised when he found Al Pacino’s “face” on a wooden pole

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(ORDO NEWS) — The gardener was shocked when he noticed the appearance of Al Pacino on a wooden post.

Kyle New from the UK was working in his garden when he noticed a strange mark on one of the posts. She very much resembled the face of the famous actor Al Pacino. He photographed his find and posted it on social networks.

Users immediately started commenting on the image they saw. They suggested a variety of versions, because each image on the pillar resembled one or another actor. Kyle himself is sure that the appearance is exactly like Al Pacino. He added that his colleague was also surprised by what he saw.

Kyle said that quite often people do this with clouds and try to see something in them. But, probably, no one was able to see such a clear appearance. After the photo was published on the social network Facebook, they began to send Kyle a variety of versions, but he still remains unconvinced and believes that it is Al Pacino.

It is worth noting that this is far from the first time that people find images on trees and poles that resemble someone’s faces. But there are only a few such clear images, and therefore they are of great interest to users.


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