The man showed in the photo what the beginning of the rainbow looks like

(ORDO NEWS) — A truly unique snapshot has appeared on Reddit, which depicts what many thought was impossible. It’s about the beginning of the rainbow. Many people mistakenly believed that the seven-color phenomenon has no beginning or end.

An interesting photo was posted by a user with the nickname Xplo85, who works for a jewelry company, developing jewelry. The guy often posts his work on his Reddit profile.

The user can devote his free time to playing on the computer or walking outside the city limits, as is the last time. While walking in the fresh air, the young man noticed a rare phenomenon – he saw the end of the rainbow and decided to immediately photograph it. The picture was immediately uploaded to your favorite social network.

Netizens remembered the Irish legend of leprechauns. It says that short (about 60 cm) red-haired creatures bury pots of gold in places where the rainbow ends or begins. The one who finds the treasure becomes its owner.

It is worth noting that there is nothing mystical in the story, since a rainbow, indeed, can have a beginning and an end. It is formed by the refraction of sunlight in small water droplets floating in the air. Some lucky ones flying by plane may even see a round rainbow.

At the ground, the rainbow always ends. With the confluence of a number of factors, it can be near people. In our case, it almost happened. The phenomenon originated outside the city limits. If it were not for the desire of the jewelry designer to take a walk, the world would never have known about the peculiarities of the rainbow. The picture is really surprising and deserves attention.


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