The man returned home four months after his funeral

(ORDO NEWS) — Shimzuzil Khuliso, who was 34 at the time, went to the store, but never returned home. Five months later, a body was discovered, which had already partially decomposed.

In him, Simzuzil’s father recognized his son. The parents took care of the funeral and made a grave in the garden next to their home. In addition, they followed tradition and mourned the deceased for three months. It is reported by News 24.

Four months later, it was reported that Simzuzil’s relatives needed to visit the hospital immediately to pick up their son. The man’s parents were shocked when they realized that in fact Simzuzil was alive, and all this time they mourned some stranger.

At the hospital, the man was recognized by his scar. At the same time, doctors additionally carried out a DNA study in order to confirm the presence of kinship for sure.

To date, an investigation is underway as to who was actually buried in the garden near the house. Law enforcement spokesman Tembinkosi Kinana said there are plans to exhume the body.

Relatives of Shimzuzil noted that they would like to find the family of the deceased and provide loved ones with the opportunity to carry out the funeral ceremony in the way that local traditions suggest.


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