The man received 27 stab wounds, but survived and said that he talked to an angel

(ORDO NEWS) — 27 hits and 9 hours of waiting for help. Doctors do not understand how the victim survived, but he assures that he was saved by a guardian angel.

A miraculously surviving American told an incredible story:

I rode home on a Harley motorcycle from work around 9:00 pm. The drive belt broke, I had to stop. I was very angry and was about to call my girlfriend to bring me a new belt and some tools so I could fix it. I didn’t have time to call …

Six Latinos came out of the doorway, surrounded me, and one of them, a guy with a bat, said, “You came to the wrong place with a gringo and hit me with a bat. The rest joined in the beating.

I fought for my life and attacked the most dangerous of them – a guy with a bat, but then I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. Another guy stuck a knife in me several times. I fell. and they all beat and kicked me and stabbed me with a knife. Then, after another blow to the head with a bat, I passed out.

The next thing I remember is that I am standing on a beach in the Republic of Panama. I used to enjoy snorkeling there while looking at the underwater world when I was in the army. This place looked very different now, but I knew where I was. It was very strange and very real. I didn’t understand how I could be here if I knew that I was being killed right there on the road in Arizona.

The trees in the background looked very old, like old trees over 1000 years old. Before me stood a little girl with a smile on her face, looking at me. She was wearing blue shorts and a white sleeveless v-neck T-shirt.

She was barefoot. She stood smiling at me and I noticed that she had the greenest eyes that I had ever seen, they were fiery green. It was noon. The ocean, sun, birds and wind were so real, everything was real.

This girl looked 13 years old. Finally I asked her: “Hey, Latinos are turning me into a piece of shit right now. I have to go, ”and I started to leave. Where I was going to go, I had no idea.

When I started walking towards the jungle near the beach, a little girl told me, “Brian, please stay here with me, because if you go back now, you will see and feel what you don’t want to see or feel.”

I stopped, turned around and said, “Who are you?” She replied: “I am your guardian angel. Please stay here. Have a seat, we have something to talk about.”

There were logs to my left, and we sat down.

I asked: “Where am I?”

She said, “Heaven. Well, your version. I knew you liked this place, so we moved here.”

“I’m dead?” I asked.

She said, “Yes, but you cannot stay here. You will need to come back, but later.”

When she said that, I heard people talking in the jungle and I knew who they were. One of them was a high school acquaintance of mine who died in a car accident. The other was my older brother, whom I have never met since he died early. I could not see them well, but I heard them talking to each other in the thickets.

I asked, “Why can’t I stay? It’s beautiful here.”

She said, “It’s not your time. You have a lot to do.”

I asked: “What? What are you doing?”

She laughed and said, “If I tell you, it won’t be so much fun. You can stay here for a while, but you need to come back, and when it’s time to leave, I’ll let you know.”

Night fell suddenly. She stood in front of me and said, “It’s time for you to come back.”

Bam and I were in my body again in the emergency room of the county hospital. The pain was unbearable! My whole family was there. Everyone cried and avoided looking at me.

The emergency room nurse said, “Welcome back, mister … You were stabbed 27 times, mostly in the stomach.”

My neck was cut. They had no idea how I was still alive and not bled to death. But I was alive and not dead. Well, yes, I died, in fact, there was a clinical death, but I returned.

They told me that my body was thrown into a trash can and I was lying in it for 9 hours. The next morning, the woman walking her dog saw a trail of blood in the dumpster and found me.

According to doctors, when they found him, Brian’s pulse was practically not felt and there was very little blood in his body. However, he regained consciousness and managed to give his name and his mother’s phone number before losing consciousness again.


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