The man proved in court that the cause of the accident was cough syrup

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(ORDO NEWS) — On April 27, an accident happened on the highway near Lviv. One of the drivers lost control of the vehicle and drove into the oncoming lane, where there was a collision with another car. The accident caused damage to two cars. This is reported by

Law enforcement officers were called to the scene and recorded that the culprit was drunk. When the case was already brought to court, the man began to completely deny that he had taken alcohol shortly before the trip.

In turn, he said that at the time of the accident he was very sick and took special cough syrups, which contain a fairly large percentage of ethanol. As confirmation of his words, the driver provided a certificate from the hospital. In addition, he added that the breathalyzer can have inaccuracies that often reach 15%.

The court on August 11 considered two different protocols at once against a resident of Lviv. He was accused of committing an accident, as well as driving while intoxicated. The case with the accident was closed due to the fact that three months had passed since the incident and the period for bringing to justice had expired.

The judge also accepted a statement that the man was taking medications containing ethanol, took into account the inaccuracies of the breathalyzer and closed the case due to the fact that the structure of an administrative offense was not established.


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