The man joked that lightning could strike him and after a few seconds it happened

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — One of the inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands during a severe storm joked that lightning could very well get into it. After a few seconds, he paid for his stupid joke.

Omaunuuse Pugni cannot believe that he managed to survive after a lightning strike. He was at work that night and monitored the fire extinguishing system. Then he noticed that a strong thunderstorm began to rage outside the window. Probably, many people like to watch this and Pugni was no exception and he decided to film everything that happens outside the window.

In order to improve visibility, the man decided to climb the roof of the building with 41 floors. In a severe thunderstorm, it is advisable to be as far away as possible from a similar height, especially if an object that is made of metal is present in the hands. These items include an umbrella. During the shooting of a thunderstorm, Pugni noted that lightning could well strike him now. That is exactly what happened.

The lightning strike was not direct, but still could cause the death of a man, because he was very close to his epicenter. One can only hope that after what happened, the man will stop joking in this way and be on the roofs of multi-storey buildings during a storm.


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