The man injected hallucinogenic mushrooms into his vein, and they sprouted

(ORDO NEWS) — A 30-year-old US resident suffering from depression read on the Web that hallucinogenic mushrooms will help to improve the emotional state. He injected them into his vein, and after a while he almost died.

The mushrooms have sprouted in the circulatory system, said an unknown person from Creighton University School of Medicine in Nebraska. There is information that the patient suffered from depression and bipolar disorder for a long time. The mushroom experiment was a desperate attempt at self-medication.

An anonymous man brewed psilocybin mushrooms like tea. Using a cotton swab, he filtered the liquid and injected it into a vein. After a couple of days, the condition worsened so much that the man was taken by an ambulance. During the analysis, it was found that the fungi of the species Psilocybe cubensis began to multiply actively.

Doctors recorded low blood pressure (75/47), too fast heartbeat and breathing problems. The skin became frighteningly yellow, the slimy – dried out. The patient was unable to answer the questions as his mind was clouded.

The man was diagnosed with bacteremia and fungemia, that is, the presence of bacteria and fungi, respectively. The patient’s condition was restored in 22 days, but he is still in the hospital.


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