The man died and rose again after electric shocks of 120 thousand volts

(ORDO NEWS) — A New Zealander was harvesting an avocado after a rain, when he was unexpectedly electrocuted.

A resident of New Zealand, 32-year-old Troy Hall, told how he died and was resurrected 10 years ago after two shocks of 120 thousand volts. His story is published by 7 News.

In 2011, Hall was harvesting avocados after rain. He used a ladder to reach the fruits from the most distant branches. Since there was a power line above the tree, the man’s father asked him to be careful not to climb too high. However, Hall did not take his father’s words seriously and did not pay due attention to the crackling in the wires.

When the New Zealander’s shift came to an end, he climbed the stairs in an attempt to pick up the signal and call his partner to inform him of the end of work. Having phoned, he began to go downstairs – when Hall was about four meters from the wires, he was suddenly shocked twice.

The first blow of 120 thousand volts hit the head and turned out to be fatal, but the second blow hit the chest and brought the man back to life.

“I didn’t see or feel anything, I didn’t understand what was happening,” he said.

The victim’s father saw what had happened and rushed to help along with his son’s colleagues. The men put out the fire on Hall’s body and called an ambulance. The hospital revealed that the New Zealander suffered third-degree burns, which covered 60 percent of his body. Doctors warned him that he would probably never be able to walk and talk. The forecasts of doctors did not upset the man, but, on the contrary, gave him strength – he decided to recover at all costs.

A few weeks later, Hall took his first steps, and soon after that he had a voice. However, doctors were unable to restore vision in his left eye and had to amputate one of his ears. The New Zealander admitted that during the rehabilitation process he was very much supported by his daughter, to whom he is “infinitely grateful.”

“I certainly underestimated the power of electricity,” Hall concluded.

Earlier it was reported that the 31-year-old resident of the American state of Florida, who almost died after a severe electric shock, became a motivational speaker and is trying to inspire people with his story. As a result of the electric shock, the man received severe burns, affecting 25 percent of his body.


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