The man described his emotions that he experienced during clinical death

(ORDO NEWS) — A man who experienced clinical death said that initially he felt very intense pain and anger. Only then did he see the creature that accepted him and felt complete calmness and boundless love.

A lot of people say that they have an afterlife experience, but not everyone was able to describe all those feelings as clearly as the man who introduced himself as William. The man’s heart stopped as a result of a severe heart attack. Experts still managed to save him, but William claims that he managed to visit “the other side” and talks about what he experienced at the time of death.

Initially, a man experienced a gamut of various emotions, and only after he accepted death as a natural and normal process, he was accepted by a “being of pure love”. After this incident, some time later, William sent an application to the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation.

The man said that he noticed how his heart began to beat more slowly, and then completely stopped. He fell into the void, where it was very dark. Initially, William was curious, after which he became angry that everything ended like this. After another moment, he realized that someone was nearby and from this it became clear that everything would be fine.

After that, he felt the presence of some creature, the pain and anger passed, and the man himself plunged into boundless love and peace.

Neuroscientist Christophe Kof has stated that such visions and sensations are completely normal. They indicate that the brain is starting to run out of oxygen and it is looking for new ways to survive and scans them thoroughly.


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